ClimateGate Scientists Buried Study that Failed to Show Desired Result

“ClimateGate Scientists Buried Study that Failed to Show Desired Result
In a previously overlooked email exchange buried among the thousands of ClimateGate files, leading climate scientists were tasked to produce a diagram that showed an “obvious” picture of “unprecedented warming,” but the result did not show this:”
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7 Responses to ClimateGate Scientists Buried Study that Failed to Show Desired Result

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  2. Art says:

    larouchepac dot com —- can save you time.


  3. Hank Warren says:

    Fake global warming, yet another violation of our rights. The gov’t constantly violates our rights.
    They violate the 1st Amendment by caging protesters and banning books like “America Deceived II”.
    They violate the 4th and 5th Amendment by allowing TSA to grope you.
    They violate the entire Constitution by starting undeclared wars.
    Impeach Obama, support Ron Paul.
    Last link of “America Deceived II” before it is completely banned:


    • acckkii says:

      Well, this was a good title at the right time. Now everybody knows IPCC documents are no longer reliable and cannot be trusted. Even German’s most famous green thinker has recently is not supporting his ideas.
      Now apparently most of the things have been solved. Reviewing the history of global warming is quite useful. It is like the disease could have killed many people in the past but now we are engaged in new ones. Geometrical Light rule was not fake after that we could not proceed and we needed new rules of “the light is wave” both are working today. Mistakes may happen and this is the meaning of theories. The theory of global warming came to its end, but still there are places that we cannot forget it.


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  6. acckkii says:

    I did not get anything AT ALL!!


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